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On this page you can download both the documents used by our fieldworkers for the recording of the lists of words and the text and samples of speech for the accents that are being studied within PAC project (for explanations about the methodology of data collection, see the page Protocol).

The text documents are available in pdf format:

The conversations recorded within the PAC project are transcribed in standard spelling (for explanations about the conventions of the orthographic transcription of conversations, see the page Conventions). To access the transcription of the recorded conversation, click to the TextGrid file.

You can use  the player on the right to listen the conversations.



Ayrshire   California Canada
   List 1-vowels  audio  audio  audio  audio
   List 2-consonants  audio  audio  audio  audio
   Text  audio  audio  audio  audio
   Formal conversation  audio     TextGrid
 audio     TextGrid
   Informal conversation  audio     TextGrid  audio  audio     TextGrid



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